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Colin Friels

Tim Winton

Callan Mulvey

Libby Tanner

Dougie Baldwin

Oscar Redding

Mirrah Foulkes

Susie Porter

Harrison Gilbertson

Brenna Harding

Toby Wallace

Rose Byrne

Miranda Otto

Matt Nable

Jakory Blanco

Jari-Russell Blanco

Waangenga Blanco

Meyne Wyattt

Wayne Blair

Matthew Shanley

Julie Rigg

Cate Blanchett

Richard Roxburgh

Robyn Nevin

Hugo Weaving

Josh McConville

Dean Daley-Jones

Eva Lazzaro

Louise Harris

Corey Knoblauch

Hat Fitz

Kimberley Rossi

Casey Douglas

Dan Wyllie

& Kate Mulvany


Jane Norris CSA - Mullinars Casting


Andy Canny

Titles Design:

Donna McCrum - Plus Films 

Executive Producers:

Andrew Myer & Paul Wiegard


Chapter Directors:

Marieka Walsh

Warwick Thornton

Jub Clerc

Robert Connolly

Anthony Lucas

Rhys Graham

Ashlee Page

Tony Ayres 

Claire McCarthy

Stephen Page

Shaun Gladwell

Mia Wasikowska 

Simon Stone

David Wenham

Justin Kurzel

Jonathan auf der Heide

Yaron Lifschitz

& Ian Meadows 

Chapter Writers:

Warwick Thornton

Jub Clerc

Justin Monjo

Kris Mrksa

Rhys Graham

Ashlee Page

Marcel Dorney

Claire McCarthy

Emily Ballou

Mia Wasikowska

Andrew Upton

David Wenham

Jonathan auf der Heide

Justin Kurzel

Circa Contemporary Circus

& Ian Meadows

Chapter Producers

Kath Shelper

Liz Kearney

Maggie Miles

Tenille Kennedy

Anthony Lucas

Philippa Campey

Sonya Humphrey

Julie Eckersley

Sue Italiano

John Harvey

Katherine Slattery 

Jo Dyer

Sarah Shaw

Anna McLeish

Ben Knapton

Alex Barnes

& Rita Walsh



An Arenamedia production, 2014

Based on the book THE TURNING by Tim Winton

17 Australian directors each transform a chapter of Tim Winton's beautiful collection of short stories for the screen. Each interconnected story explores the various turning points in the lives of people living in a coastal community. From changes of heart to terrible accidents, each chapter in this anthology is an insight into how ordinary people deal with changes in their lives and their place in the world. 


Created by:  Robert Connolly

Produced by:  Robert Connolly & Maggie Miles

Chapter Directors:

Chapter Writers:

Chapter Producers:










Titles Design:

Executive Producers:

Marieka Walsh,Warwick Thornton, Jub Clerc

Robert Connolly, Anthony Lucas

Rhys Graham, Ashlee Page, Tony Ayres 

Claire McCarthy, Stephen Page

Shaun Gladwell, Mia Wasikowska 

Simon Stone, David Wenham, Justin Kurzel

Jonathan auf der Heide, Yaron Lifschitz

& Ian Meadows 

Warwick Thornton, Jub Clerc, Justin Monjo

Kris Mrksa, Rhys Graham, Ashlee Page

Marcel Dorney, Claire McCarthy

Emily Ballou, Mia Wasikowska, Andrew Upton

David Wenham, Jonathan auf der Heide

Justin Kurzel, Circa Contemporary Circus

& Ian Meadows

Kath Shelper, Liz Kearney, Maggie Miles

Tenille Kennedy, Anthony Lucas

Philippa Campey, Sonya Humphrey

Julie Eckersley, Sue Italiano, John Harvey

Katherine Slattery, Jo Dyer, Sarah Shaw

Anna McLeish, Ben Knapton, Alex Barnes

& Rita Walsh

Colin Friels, Tim Winton, Callan Mulvey

Libby Tanner, Dougie Baldwin

Oscar Redding, Mirrah Foulkes

Susie Porter, Harrison Gilbertson

Brenna Harding, Toby Wallace, Rose Byrne

Miranda Otto, Matt Nable, Jakory Blanco

Jari-Russell Blanco, Waangenga Blanco

Meyne Wyattt, Wayne Blair, Matthew Shanley

Julie Rigg, Cate Blanchett

Richard Roxburgh, Robyn Nevin

Hugo Weaving, Josh McConville

Dean Daley-Jones, Eva Lazzaro

Louise Harris, Corey Knoblauch, Hat Fitz

Kimberley Rossi, Casey Douglas, Dan Wyllie

& Kate Mulvany

Jane Norris CSA - Mullinars Casting

Andy Canny

Donna McCrum - Plus Films 

Andrew Myer & Paul Wiegard

Madman Entertainment - CinemaPlus - Level K

Screen Australia - Film Victoria - ScreenWest & Lotterywest

MIFF Premiere Fund - Arenamedia

Full chapter credits list on Madman Entertainment website. 

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